Sustainable Vegetable Oils, Fats, and Natural Lecithin Ingredients

Consumers become more selective in their product choices. They want to know the origin or the source of your product. As well that your product is being produced in a responsible way and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Vegetable oils and fats are plant-based products that are used for cooking and in the production of various products. They are derived from a wide range of sources such as seeds, nuts, and fruits. Some examples of our plant materials include palm oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil.

They can be used for a variety of purposes such as frying, baking, and making candles. They are also used in the production of margarine and shortening and as an ingredient in many processed foods. Plant-based oils are a good source of essential fatty acids. And when used in moderation, it can be part of a healthy diet.

Plant-based oils and fats ingredients are vital to your product's success in today's market.

The latest processing technology is being used to produce your ingredients. Also, you get access to our knowledge of vegetable oils, fats, lecithin, functional ingredients, and chemistry.

You can be confident that you are doing good for your company, your customers, and the planet by using our plant-based ingredients in your product.

  • An extensive portfolio of tropical and liquid oils to meet your needs.
  • All key vegetable oil processing capabilities are at one location at Zwijndrecht (NL) to tailor the best fat functionality for your product.
  • A pilot plant, application kitchen, research lab, and iTas predicting software for developing the next-generation oils and fats solutions for your application.
  • Fully integrated palm oil supply chain which guarantees a constant supply of segregated palm and palm kernel oils.
  • RSPO-certified, Kosher, and Halal-certified products are available.

Oil and Fat Ingredients From Trusted Sources

Our task is to produce and source plant-based oils from trusted sources. The RSPO (Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oils) audits the palm oil estates. You have the warranty that your palm-based ingredients only come from RSPO-certified sources.

Also, the RSPO rules protect nature and local communities. The integrated supply chain is being monitored from the seed to the finished oil product.

So, it is the right choice for your company and your customers. We can help you to switch over to sustainable plant-based oil ingredients.

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You Can Count on Our Areas of Expertise

High-Quality Standards

Exceptional product quality isn't just a benchmark—it's the foundation of your brand's reputation. In today's competitive market, the quality of your product is a crucial factor that distinguishes your brand from the rest.

Maintaining exceptional product quality enhances your reputation and requires a reliable partner at each stage of the value chain.

Tailored Functional Properties

In our quest to provide you with the utmost support, we ensure that you receive personal technical assistance tailored to your specific needs. Our technical experts guide you through any challenges you may face, ensuring that you always have the necessary expertise at your disposal.

Besides, you're granted access to three state-of-the-art Innovation Centres. Which are designed to stimulate the creation of new plant-based oils product concepts.

Fully Integrated Supply Chain

From the initial sowing of seeds to the plant-based oil ingredient, you can count on us as a comprehensive supplier of vegetable oils and fats. We manage every step of the value chain, ensuring an ideal, integrated approach.

We are not just providers, but partners invested in the whole process from cultivation and harvest to processing, refining, and product delivery. By handling this journey, we ensure the highest quality, sustainable practices, and efficient operations. Trust in us to deliver exceptional vegetable oils and fats, as we guide your product from the field all the way to the finish line.

Sustainable Sourced Ingredients

By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to take a leading position in advancing and advocating for sustainable practices within the palm oil industry. You'll become part of a proactive movement that is actively transforming the sector, by ranking environmental preservation and social responsibility.

Your involvement will not only contribute to the development of greener processes. But also promote them, helping to set new standards for the industry. This is a chance to make a significant impact, influence the direction of the palm oil sector, and ensure its growth is synonymous with sustainability.

Discover Our Premium Plant-Based Ingredients for Diverse Applications

plant-based oils for food

Vegetable oils enhance food flavor, texture, and nutritional content, playing a key role in satisfying and balanced diets.

plant-based oils for functional ingredients
Functional Ingredients

Vegetable oils enhance functional ingredients like vitamins, emulsifiers, colorants, and nutraceuticals, improving stability, bioavailability, and overall product effectiveness.

plant-based oils for non food

Vegetable oils in non-food products like candles, personal care, and bio-lubricants offer eco-friendly alternatives, enhancing performance while reducing environmental impact.

plant-based oils for animal feed

Vegetable oils in animal feed boost energy content, improve palatability, and support overall animal growth and health.